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The stomach flu, known by its medical term viral gastroenteritis, is a very contagious, airborne virus. The virus is more prevalent in the autumn and especially during the winter. However, it can cause illness at anytime. No one is immune from being infected. Recently, stomach flu Montana caused 15 people to all become ill after they ate at the same restaurant in a Montana town.


What caused stomach flu Montana, and how do local health officials handle it when several people become suspiciously sick at the same time? The stomach flu is caused by an array of contagious viruses which cause a variety of very unpleasant symptoms; notably vomiting, diarrhea, severe pains in the abdomen, chills, fever, and body aches. Stomach flu is spread by contact with an infected person who is contagious, by touching surfaces on which the bacteria from the virus is present, or by sharing food, drinks, or eating utensils with someone who's infected. The stomach flu Montana incident could have been caused in several ways.


Since all the people who became infected with the virus had eaten at the same restaurant. Health officials were concerned that the illness may have been caused by a form of food poisoning. Contaminated food which has either been improperly prepared, or which has been handled by someone not using proper sanitation, can make people ill and cause the symptoms associated with stomach flu. When the incident was investigated however, it appeared that this wasn't the case. So what caused the stomach flu Montana incident? Most likely, one of the people in the group had been exposed to one of the strains of virus that can cause the illness. Norovirus is one of the most common. When a person is exposed to a norovirus, they're contagious even before they begin to exhibit symptoms. The most likely explanation is that being in a group in a confined space, the person who had developed the virus spread it to the others. This is why it's important to take precautions to protect yourself as much as possible from being exposed to crowded spaces when the stomach flu is going around. Rest and plenty of fluids will generally help and the symptoms ordinarily disappear within 2 or 3 days.

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